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“It’s working if it’s enjoyable.” As a photographer, my work is about creating a connection, positive energy and fun in a shoot, to capture the best possible images. Specialising in actor’s headshots and commercial advertising photography, I believe outstanding photos always come from being totally in the moment with my subject.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a hippy at heart. Working with people is about managing energies. Portrait photography demands a connection and trust between the actor and the photographer because there’s a vulnerability to being truly seen. I’m always looking to capture an individual’s energy and beauty; what’s really behind the eyes. With a naturally lively, spontaneous and friendly personality, I am recommended for my ability to put people at ease quickly and capture their real natures. I have been privileged to photograph hundreds of actors and TV personalities including Sir Ian McKellan, Stephen Fry, Kate Winslet and Erin O’Connor, among many more household names and future stars.

When working in a commercial setting, I am valued for my speed, calm and friendliness. Absorbing myself in the shoot, I’m looking for those moments; it’s a build-up to the right energy, expressions and elements. It takes patience and complete focus. I’m constantly communicating; getting actors enthused and giving direction. I experiment as I work, which keeps things fun as I capture the magic of a moment. Technical elements are second-nature, so I can focus on arriving on-shoot, quickly assessing what’s required, visualising what it should look like when all the elements come together, and then getting the job done thoroughly and effectively.

My creativity extends to producing gold leaf art, where I capture and immortalise the natural world in beautiful pieces people can enjoy at home. Each piece is totally unique and ever-changing as it ages. My work can be found in galleries around the UK, in collections around the world and online.

I love to connect – to people and to places. Travel, music and getting out in nature feeds my soul and my creativity. I enjoy experiencing new places and cultures, appreciating and capturing their beauty in all its wildness, complexity and energy.